Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We're all still waiting for Eva's arrival, but please don't worry!

We are anxiously waiting to meet our lil girl, but we understand that growing babies take time! especially super special creative beautiful ones like our Eva ;)  So please don't worry about us or lil Eva, she is doing fine, and feels all the love & support from all of our loved ones.  Its very common for babies of 1st time mama's to be late, up to 18 days after their expected due date.  So she has up till June 6th till we would start to induce, & but that won't happen because she will be born all natural & at our waterbirth center, not a hospital!  In the meantime, we have been doing certain natural things to help "induce" her into this world, such as acupuncture, eating certain foods, exercise & other activities.   Tomorrow if she's not here yet, we will unfortunately be getting an ultrasound  mostly to put other people's minds at ease that everything is ok.  I am though excited to see baby Eva tomorrow even if its just on a screen :)  Thanks for all your kind words, love & support, you all mean so much to me!