Tuesday, April 26, 2011

About 23 days or 552 hours to go! :)

Wow, when you think about in hours it really seems close! We're so excited.  We had such a fun weekend celebrating Earth day, thought I'd write about it.  Every year I go to the City Repair Earth Day Celebration, and its always a great time.  We couldn't have had a better day, the sun was shining & drying out our wet Pacific Northwest bones, which felt so good!  It was about 70 degrees out! I think that when Mother Earth is happy with us (for caring about her & showing her respect), she gives us good weather.  When she's upset, she gives us natural disasters & not so good weather...
There was a couple of music stages that were powered by solar panels, as everything there was running on renewable energy, hooray!  So Eva (the name we've been calling lil roo) & I  danced to the groovy tunes which were about the positivity, the earth and our connection to her, and loving one another, of course.  Andy met me there after he was finished painting a flower mural at a florist shop, so he got to run around barefoot with us.  He really enjoyed sitting & feeling the Tibetan singing bowls play us a tune.  I even received a free 15min massage & a free acupuncture session!
I ran into several friends at the festival, and that always makes me happy.  We even saw one of our midwife apprentices, who will be at our birth, she was there buying her seeds.   I felt a strong connection to all the good lovin' people who were their celebrating this beautiful planet.  Across the street, at the vegan mini-mall, there was a vegan bake sale, where all the donations went to 2 local animal sanctuaries.  So Evie & I made sure to get a to go box of treats, the to go box was made out of biodegradable material of course.
We then went to eat some yummy vegan food, took a nap, then went to our friends birthday party, which was themed a Mad Hatter's Unbirthday Tea Party.  Everyone was in costume & sipping tea, mine was without alcohol of course.  Andy & Evie both won prizes, her 1st prize!  Andy won a Mr Potato Head & Evie won the Alice in Wonderland movie.  We all got wildflower seeds to plant as well.  A great ending to a beautiful day indeed.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well.
PS.  Happy Birthday to Grandpa Rossi, today is his 75th birthday!

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