Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Eva Luna Louise Update

Eva is the love of my life.  Everyday she amazes me with her cuteness & smartie pants personality.  I'm super proud of her already for being a healthy intelligent wonder baby!  I am in the process of editing/uploading the bajillion photos & videos I've taken of our Lil Eva.  Its a lot of work, don't think that I'm slackin! Stay tuned by later today, you all should have your fill on photoage & videos from the vault.   
Eva is growing so fast, its hard to keep up with her! She's over 9 months, but it feels like she's already a year old! She is standing up on her own, able to clap her hands at the same time.  Almost walking, but still doing the slide crawl, looking like a gorilla.  
Evie has about 8 teeth already cut, more probably that I can't see in the back.  With her happy demeanor I can't ever tell if she's in pain from them, but I still give her chew toys & put some homeopathic gel on her gums every now & then.  
Evie Lou has mumbled something that sounds like "Dada", but is more inclined to say "Dat" whenever she sees a cat, which is often.  Soon enough she'll be singing her favorite shows song, Wonder Pets.  She already claps when they save an animal, or when the song comes on.  
As for food, she's been eating a lot more often, beyond her daily breastmilk.  Some of her favorites include sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, avocado, blueberries, kale & spinach.  I'm starting to give her some of my green smoothie everyday as well.  She'll eat her cereal pellets all on her own, she even figured out how to open the container they are in!
As for mama, I have been focusing on peace this 1st week of Spring, and where I might find my inner peace within.  Its so important to remain peaceful through stressful, challenging times.  To not be ignorant or unaware of your surroundings that you are not able to see the light in yourself or others.  This is often hard to do, as I seem to be a mirror when it comes to the feelings & energy of those around me.  Why is it so hard for some to hear that they are wrong? Why do some hold such high expectations of themselves that they can't feel comfortable admitting wrong doing or mistakes?  How do we grow as compassionate people without making mistakes?  How are we supposed to know what the best way to handle something without trying different tactics & solutions?  Honor change & diversity within, and maybe then we will ~lighten up~and grow~and love one another more. 
"If you would truly bring peace to the world, identify with that place within you where you are Peace." -♥ Ram Dass 

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