Friday, February 25, 2011

Our New & Exciting Path!

We love our Lil Roo so much already!  We are really excited for this new unexpected path we are on.  We were not planning on having children, instead wanted to adopt or foster, since there are so many children in need of homes!  Also, we are both earth-friendly nature loving folks who are concerned with our impact on this already overpopulated planet.   I'm also excited in having a healthy vegan pregnancy & a healthy vegan baby so that I can be a resource for those out there choosing a compassionate vegan lifestyle especially during pregnancy, when it really matters what you put into your body & their lil' bodies.  You are what you eat, so why not have it be healthy & cruelty free that is good for your body, the soul, the animals & the earth?  Everyone is free to make their own choices however, and I respect every individuals freedom of choice.  I have strong values & ideals that I promised myself I wouldn't lose when we decided to bring another being into this world, because they help shape who I am and who I love.  We are on an amazing journey & I'm happy to be able to share my thoughts & feelings with you all along the way!

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