Thursday, March 3, 2011

3rd Trimester!

We made it to the last trimester already!  Less than 12 weeks to go, oh my! Time went by so fast, still there are so many things to be done to prepare for the arrival of our cute lil bundle of joy.  I had a dream last night that I met him & he was so beautiful. It felt so nice to hold him in my arms & shower him with love.  
I'm feeling a little emotional this week, as my love has left for his tour down the west coast, and will be gone for a week.  Andrew is an amazing, dedicated partner & helps me out in so many ways, I couldn't do this without him!  I love that man so much.  <tears of joy> I'm thankful that he'll only be gone a week, and this time will be good for me & Lil Roo to get somethings done.  Top of the list, using the gift certificate that my friend (& my chiropractor) got for me at Zenana Spa, who specializes in prenatal massage! My growing body has been yelping at me to get a massage in such subtle ways like electrifying leg spasms that attack my knees, a swollen ankle (just one) who magically appeared this week right when I hit 28 weeks, along with some swollen fingers so I can't wear my promise ring Andy got for me, and the usual chronic neck & jaw pain that I've had for years still showing me they need some attention.  I also want to take Lil Roo swimming in a salt water pool, which will help my aching joints.  We may even try to Prenatal Swim class, we'll see...
Not to complain too much though, as I think this pregnancy has been pretty darn easy.  Much easier than some of the pregnancies I've read about for sure.  I believe I have my vegan diet  to thank for that.  I'd also like to thank my daily walks, yoga & meditation, support from my lovely mother whom I talk to everyday, my friends who check in on me, all the animals in my life who give me endless affection, and my strong connection to mother earth & her magnificent ways of showing me what true beauty is.  

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