Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Babies' 1st Party is this Sunday, Spring Equinox!

I'm getting so excited for Lil Roo's party this Sunday.  It'll be nice being in a room full of feminine energies honoring our lil baby on the 1st day day of Spring!  It means a lot to me for those who will be at our special event, but also for those who will be skyping with us from other cities.  If you haven't responded already to the evite, please do so, even if you can't make it or will try to skype so I know how many to look for on skype.  I'm hoping to get a count since there will be special lil somethings given to all the guests.  Also post if you are planning on making something vegan for the potluck, its not required or anything, but will gladly be eaten ;)  In case you don't know of any good vegan recipes, one of my favorite websites for recipes is you will be amazed at all the yummy vegan foods you'll find on there, or foods that can be made vegan.  On another note, I hope that friends will still come if they can't afford a gift or don' t have time to make one, its more important to me that you presence is there, not your presents!

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