Saturday, May 7, 2011

About 12 days to go!

Eva has been kicking about & I think she may have run out of room in her temporary home!  She's been doing a wave like motion the past few days, but she's still head down, ready to go.  Our Midwife says she's in a perfect position for birthing.  I'm alright with her taking her time arriving here, since we still have so many things we'd like to do to prepare, so I'll gladly take the extra days if she decides to be late.  I'm getting a whee bit tired of the swollen feet & stinging numb hands that wake me up at 2:30am, but other than that, its been pretty easy.  My energy level has been steady, and I've been able to still participate with the Radical Cheerleaders.  Last night, we had our benefit for the Blue Mountain Biodiversity Project and Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team.  Raised $160 for each group after the venue was paid.  Fun filled night of great music, dancing, cheers, yummy vegan food and amazing compassionate forest defenders.  We bought a bottle of yummy homemade organic wine to celebrate Eva's birthday.    Felix, my friends 4 year old, an aspiring radical cheerleader for animal rights, cheered with us for our messages cheer, and she came up with her own message that same day when I was babysitting her! So precious she is.  There's video footage of this mini vegan radical cheerleader that I'll try to post later on.  Now I'm going to take a nap, so Eva & I can go hear her daddy sing at his last show tonight till his birthday show in July!

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