Monday, May 2, 2011

About 17 days to go!!

Today was wonderful.  I received a free hour long session Watsu Treatment, which is one of the neatest feelings I've ever felt.  Watsu is a form of aquatic bodywork offered in a pool heated to near body temperature.  Its like getting a massage underwater.  The best part is that it was free for this mama!  I won a raffle at the Earth Day Festival a couple weekends ago!
I felt like a baby duckling & the mama duck was moving me around & holding me.  The pool was so nice & warm.  There was peaceful relaxing music & dim lighting.  Robin has great energy as well, so it was an all around good experience.  I'm pretty sure Eva was enjoying it as well.  Robin said she could feel her move around a little during the session.
Here's Robin, the bodywork therpists' link if you are want to check it out:

Afterwards Andy & I went out for yummy vegan thai food.   Then walked around in the warm sunshine we had today.   For dinner, we made our favorite Vegan Gluten Free Pizza from scratch, with Daiya cheese....yum.....Great day for this mama!

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