Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today is the Estimated Due Date....but she's taking her time!

Eva has decided to wait for her arrival so far.  We're still checking things off our to do list, so its not that bad that she's taking her time.  We had a prenatal appointment today & everything is good.  Eva's heartbeat is going strong and we're so excited to hold her in our arms & kiss her face off!  :)
We know that she'll come when she's good & ready, and probably when she knows I'm good & ready.  We'll keep you all posted.  Roxy, Jesse D, and Scott are going to be calling people when we go into labor, so people can light their candles & send good vibes.  If for some reason our 3 friends are unable to make the calls, our Doula Nichol said she could make the calls.  We've also signed up for a Meal Registry we were told about that lets your friends come over & meet your new baby as well as bringing some food for the Mama & cub in recovery mode & the Papa & Gma who's taking care of them.  From May 25th till June 8th will be Gma Kathy's time to be with Eva, so we'll have people over after the 8th that want to visit.  By no means does anyone have to bring food with them to meet Eva after the 8th.  
Right now I'm finishing my labor photo collage that I'll be hanging on the wall at the birth center for during labor.  It'll have pictures of family & friends who have loved & supported us over the years, as well as pictures of our new family.  Andy's painting me a little painting with a focal point on it for one of the visualization techniques.  I also have a bag of yummy food to be taking in case I'm hungry & for post natal time.  I'm taking our aromatherapy oils as well as candles.  I've also made several different playlists for our Ipod that will be playing.  We've hung Eva a banner & intention rings from the ceiling below the baby cards we've got from the shower & the since the pregnancy.  We started our 1st family home video as well to document some of the time before Eva joined this world.  Andy's also almost finished with her mural painting for the bedroom :)  
Now for tomorrow, we've got a few last minute things, like getting our prenatal professional looking photos done by our friend Vaughn.  I'm making brownies & cookies for the birth team too! 

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