Friday, May 20, 2011

Still no Evie!! 4 more hours & she'll be a Gemini!

Alright so 4 more hours till she's officially a Gemini!  Even so though, she'll have alot of Taurus in her.  She's still taking her time, wondering if tonight will be the night though.  I didn't sleep much last night, the anticipation is getting to me! I was telling Andrew I feel like I've been waiting in line for a roller coaster that may fall off the tracks, and it'll be painful but I'm already up at the top of the line, and there's no turning back.  Plus its getting uncomfortable waiting in the line...the only thing is that giving birth to Eva will be completely worth it! And the experience of a lifetime!
Another great thing that happened for us, is our amazing friend Vaughn took our prenatal photos today for free!!  He shot over 350 of them!  We chose the best ones, and we'll even have some really cool green screen shots of us floating in space, in Egypt, and in a rainforest.  Can't wait to see them! It was a sunny day & so the outdoor shot turned out as well.  We'll be sure to post them on here once he gets them to us!

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