Thursday, May 12, 2011

Only One Week To Go!! Nest building in full swing now!

Wow, only one week remains possibly!  We're getting ready and have been building our little nest for Eva Roo. I've been really wanting to decorate, cook & bake, and make as much memorabilia as possible lately.  Yesterday, I made us a Greek dinner, with homemade Tzatziki sauce for the falafel.  I was inspired after my Mama's Day dinner date Andy took me on at the famous Nicolas Restaurant last Sunday.  I've made so many new dishes during this pregnancy, I feel I should have made a foodie blog and took pictures of all the meals, but of course, there was not enough time!  My other favorites have been the gluten free vegan pizza, the veggie lentil soup and the oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  I'm excited to keep up on experimenting with new foods even after the pregnancy, to keep our taste buds happy & enthused.
I feel like my inner green vegan Martha Stewart is coming out.  I'm also feeling the creative urges from the divine feminine energies surging through my body.  I just wish my realistic 'list setting' mind could let my creative mind take the leads and come out to play.   Andy doesn't really understand why I feel I "need" to do all these things on my list, but he's been great helping me accomplish the tasks.  Sometimes "the list" is stressful to think about, but my Doula, Nichol, gave me some great advice the other day when she came over for our 2nd prenatal with her.  She recommended I only choose 6 of the things off my list that are the highest priority, and focus on finishing those.  Then if and when I check those off the list, I can take 6 more off the longer list to try to finish.  It makes the list way more manageable for me, and not so overwhelming.  Finally, feeling better about getting everything done, just in the knick of time right!  Andy has started Eva's painting for above her co-sleeper in our bedroom and the sun is shining so he's painting outside, so I think I'll join him now & read some of the Birthing From Within book that I've really been enjoying.  Have a great day!


  1. I am so happy for you, Jess, and know you are thoroughly enjoying this wonderful time... I would LOVE to see some of your food creations on here at some point! :)

    great advice about list making - I am a big list maker too, and I currently work from one master list like that. it works!

    I am so excited for you both - can't wait to see Baby Roo!

  2. Thanks Kristina! Your comment went away, but now its back, weird...