Thursday, May 19, 2011

Its the Eve Of Eve!

We're almost there! Tomorrow is Eva's due date! We're so excited.  I'm still feeling good and as if I'm not really having a baby yet, like I felt in the 2nd trimester.  I'm thankful for that, at least I'm not in pain like a lot of mama's usually are around this time.  Eva & my body has treated me well these past 9 months, I will be forever grateful to her :)  We are still getting ready for her arrival, practicing our Hypnobirthing techniques, doing yoga, making food, cleaning & getting our home ready.  I still have a stack of books that I'm reading & hope to finish. So we won't mind terribly if she decides to be late.  But if she has all this Taurus in her stars like her birth chart we did tonight says she will, if she's born in the next 3 days, she's probably be on time tomorrow!  Alright time to get some rest, and try to fight off Andy's cold that's he's passing on to me...

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