Thursday, May 26, 2011

Eva! Eva! Eva!

C'mon lil sunshine, show your beautiful face!  We can't wait to meet Eva.  I had some acupuncture today by the lovely Katya and hope that it helps bring labor on sooner.   I also am still getting over this cold, probably the worst one I've had in years.  I'm usually only sick for 2 days tops.  This has lasted over a week now.  Its only really bad at night & in the morning.  I'm taking it real easy lately, just reading mostly, and eating well, walking, taking vitamins & elderberry syrup. I hope to feel better for labor, but think I'll manage through just fine.  Alot of the hypnobirthing we're doing is based on your breathing, so I hope to be able to eventually breathe through my nose again!  My mom's flight was cancelled today, so she'll be in tomorrow night.  We're hoping Eva will be here soon so Grandma K will have more time to bond with her new granddaughter.  So c'mon Eva, we all want to meet you!

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