Monday, May 23, 2011

Mama's ready, c'mon lil Eva La Roo!

She's taking her time, but that's ok.  She still has time.  Its not till around June 2nd that we need to start trying something else to get her to come on out.  Our midwives had advised this probably would happen, as most 1st time mom's babies come later than their estimated due date, and its perfectly natural.  I think Eva is waiting for me to be completely ready & feeling better, as I've been fighting off this cold.  She's very conscious of others I can feel.  She will be a very loving & caring person I just know :)
Our midwives suggested Andy & I make "due date dates" around her estimated due date, so that we have other things to look forward to, or to keep us occupied instead of worrying or anything if she doesn't arrive exactly on time.  So we've been taking advantage of our alone time & eating out at restaurants.  Last night, we ate at Bay Leaf Vegetarian restaurant, which is now one of our top 3 favorite restaurants in Portland.  Our soup type meals were served in this sizzling kettles, and sooooo amazingly yummy.  The food was so healthy & nourishing, exactly what we needed.
Then I finished my birth collage, I'll be posting a photo of it soon.  We edited my Ipod birth playlists too, so we have our music picked out for labor.  So finally, I'm ready.  Do you hear me Lil Eva? Your mama's ready for you! and so is the rest of your family, we can't wait to see you!!

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